Note: Hudade fasting in 2013 is due to start on March 10. EVG Ethiopia wishes all Ethiopian Orthodox Christian followers a good fasting spell.

Hudade Fast: While many moderate Ethiopian orthodox christians tend to skip some of the fasting periods in the year, it is considered as compulsary to fast Hudade. This fasting period extends to almost 2 months and the exact date of commencement changes based on Ethiopian calendar. Hudade is to commemorate the 40 days exile of Jesus all the way to his crucification and resurection.

Most Ethiopians, especially those who can afford it, are passionate about meat. If people have enough resources they are most likely to have meat throughout every meal of the day. It is therefore a huge challenge for someone to give up meat for as long as two months. Although eating fish was permitted by the church in previous times, it has been a couple of decades now since it has been restricted. Therefore a follower will be abstaining from all his/her favorite food items: all kinds of meat, butter, cheese, eggs...and live on cereals and vegetable till the fasting ends.

While the moderate tend to do simply this the majority also skip breakfast throught the fasting period. Lunch is normally eaten late in the afternoon, around 3 p.m after the daily prayers( Kidase) ends.

When the end of the fasting period approaches, the last week involves having to go to churches in the afternoons. Some abstain from eating cooked meal for the last week. On the last Thursday, the day that Juda sold Jesus is commemorated.The bible also tells us on that day Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. The day is commemorated in the Ethiopian Orthodox church where the Pope and Superior priests kneel before their subordinates and followers to wash their feets.

Starting from that evening, all the way to Sunday where all christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ, some deprive themseleves from all sorts of food and water. They will have their first bite in three days only at 3 a.m on Sunday, where the church rejoices the resurrection of Christ.


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