Although self declared vegeterians are far and few in Ethiopia, one could conclude that a religious Ethiopian Orthodox christian is vegeterian for as long as 150 days a year. Followers of this religion will not, for instance, eat all sorts of meat and animal products ( milk, egg...) on wednesdays and fridays throughout the year. That is not all: there are several fasting periods throughout the year where the followers of the religion do the same. The longest fasting period is known as Hudade, extending from mid february all the way mid April for almost 2 months. During this time orthodox christians not only avoid meat and animal products but also skip lunch and breakfast. If you are a vegetarian coming during this period would allow you to taste different vegetarian dishes.

We have provided a list of some of the fasting periods and types that have amazed tourists over the years.

FILSETA FASTING IN MONASTERIES ( 16 days of intensive fasting)

CRUCIFIX FASTING ( Avoidance of food and water for three days)







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