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The list is long when it comes to describing the unique aspects of Ethiopia but here are the major ones.

- ALPHABETH: Ethiopia is one of the very few nations in the world which has its own alphabeths not used in any part of the world. These Alphabeths inherited from the language of Geez( which is near extinction in terms of communication) are 27 in number are used by different Ethiopian ethnic groups( Go to basic Ethiopian words and phrases for more information)

the first five Ethiopian alphabeths

- CALENDAR: Ethiopia has a unique calendar. At present it is 2005 in Ethiopia. The country is also known for being the only country with 13 months in its calendar. All months have exact 30 days except the 13th month of Pagume( whose days from 4-6 from one year to the next)

Ethiopian numbers

-TIME: Ethiopia uses a different format in terms of counting the time. Day and night time are equally balanced in Ethiopia throught the year. When the sun rises in the morning ( will be aroung 6 am) marks a new day. At 7 am international time reference( being the first hour of sunshine) is considered as 1: 00 Hour in the morning. ( no am or pm in the ethiopian time reference) Then the counting goes on until 12 where the sun sets and the night fall begins. Another count from 1:00 will go on until the break of dawn.

-ENDEMIC ANIMALS: hundreds of endemic birds and animals have made their home in Ethiopia. Ethiopian parks are rich with wildlife that you cannot find else where.

- TRADITIONAL CLOTHES: while the traditional clothes in most African country's show similarity in terms of design and fabric, the traditional clothes of different ethic groups in Ethiopia are not only different from other African countries but also among different ethic groups.

- TOLERANCE: Ethiopia is one of the very few countries in the world where, despite the diversity in terms of ethnic groups and religion, the unity of its people is exceptional. The only sporadic conflicts worth mentionning are those in remote rural areas where small conflicts take place over grazing land.

- FOOD: the most popular foods in Ethiopia are not eaten anywhere in the world. Injera, a unique Ethiopian bread eaten with different sauces is only eaten in this unique country. Even the variety of sauces are not made anywhere in the world.


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