Traditional Ethiopian painting

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There is so much to say about the unique country of Ethiopia. Here are some facts about the country that not many in the world are aware of.

- SOVERNITY: among the 55 nations in Africa, Ethiopia is the only country never to be colonized. Despite several attempts by the Italian fascist, the British army and the Portugeese crusaders, Ethiopia has managed to preserve its independance and identity for thousand of years

-DIVERSITY: The other amazing fact about Ethiopia is home to more than 86 different ethnic group, each having its own language, culture and norms. These ethnic groups, differing from one another in their color, religion and ways of living have always lived in harmony and have shown tremendous unity during trying times of war. Please go to our Ethiopian culture link for more information.

no image sidama dancinggamo dancing

- HISTORY: Ethiopia is a country with evidenced 1,500 years of history. Once one of the most powerful nations in the world, Ethiopia has been ruled by Dynasities such as the Axumite and the Zagwe who have been influential in Africa and the middle east. Please go to our Ethiopian history link for more information.

- HARMONY: very few countries in the world can match the existing harmony in Ethiopia. The nation is home to muslims and christians which are reaching equal proportion in terms of distribution and number. Yet, there are very few religious conflicts that have taken place in the country since medieval times. In addition, despite the great number of different ethnic groups with unique identity, nothing exceeding a handful small scale conflicts over grazing lands have been recorded.

Muslims in Ethiopia Orthodox ceremony

- HOSPITALITY: Ethiopians have always been known for their hospitality. In fact in the recent past, couples are known to welcome any visitor, allow them to sleep on their bed and wash their feet. Although this gernerosity has faded away in urban areas, there is still hospitality among Ethiopians which have never failed to amaze visitors to the country. The hospitality of Ethiopians reaches such an extent that it is sometimes misunderstood by tourists ( Click here for cultural information or go straight to do not minunderstand link for direct detail on the subject.

-ISOLATION: unseen resistance to external influence and refusal succumbing to external force is an attribute of Ethiopians. Customs, norms and traditions have therefore been kept intact for milleniums.

-ATTRACTIONS: as one of the oldest nations in the world and as a country blessed by nature, Ethiopia is a country which has much to offer in terms of historical, natural and cultural attractions. Some go as far as saying that it is the richest nation in this respect as, no matter what your interests are, you will find something that will leave a lasting impression on you. For our complete lisiting of attractions please click on attraction categories.

-CONTRAST: It is one of the unique countries where you will find the lowest altitude in the world( Dalol depression where the Ertale volcano is located)) and one of the highest in the globe ( Semen mountains)

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- ORIGIN OF COFFEE: Ethiopia is known to have been the country where coffee beans has first been discovered. In fact the english word " coffee" and the french version "Cafe" are said to have originated from the region of "Kefa", where the beans were first discovered.

These are only a very few facts about Ethiopia. You will be able to access any information pertaining to Ethiopia by going to any of our quick links.


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