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Ethiopia is rich in terms of natural, cultural and historical beauty. You can admire all of these just by heading in any direction from the capital Addis Abeba.

TRIP ONE: Just take a car from Addis for 12 hour trip to the historical city of Harar. A single trip of this direction of Ethiopia will provide you with several natural and cultural beauties that you cannot find elsewhere. Here is what you will come accross just by taking this path: a desert like environement of the Afar region, with the Awash national park the best place to make a stop.

Leopard Hypo

The beautiful culture of the partoralist Afar people with unique hair styles and their camels are some of the things to enjoy. Still within Afar you will go past a lake, black in color, with a beautiful view and water reputed to cure hair problems like dandruffs with just one wash.


CamelAfar people

Continue and you will come accross one of the biggest mountains in Ethiopia, Dengego where a stop at the highest peak will provide you with exquisite top view of distant farms; the Scenary at Dengego provides with a peaceful environement thick in forest, so much so that it is hard to resist having a quick picnic.

traveling in ethiopiaDengego mountain

As you go on you will go past small and lively cities and towns like Gelemso, with small and attractive farms with coffee, Khat plantations and all sorts of fruit trees. The Kotu's ethnic groups that you find on the way with their unique hairstyles and necklaces are a source of attraction.

As you get to Harar you will come accross with one of the oldest cities, arguably the most beautiful women of the Adere ethnic group...


TRIP 2: Again take off from Addis Ababa for shorter trip in a different direction, that is a 300 kilometers to the south. This again is sure to be a trip that will leave you with lasting memories.

A stop at Bishoftu( described by some as the lake city of Ethiopia) for breakfast will provide you with unique views and a few minutes of serene peace on beach resorts like Kufiftu. When you continue your trip, bitting the organic strawberies of Kuriftu, you will go past exceptional small scale and gigantic flower farms which will compel you to make a few stops. But the trip to the south is mostly a feast of different lakes, as your next stop will be lake Koka, the biggest man made lake in Ethiopia. A few minutes there will allow you to have a close view of traditional fishing and some of the biggest vegetable plantations in the country.

Head on for a few minutes and you will reach the vibrant city of Zeway, home to Lake Zeway. This particular lake is home to 5 inhabited islands, one of which is home to the oldest monasteries.

So far you would have enjoyed the views of different lakes. As you go past Zeway however, you will reach lake Langano just a few kilometers away. Here you will find some of the best resorts and the only lake in the country 100% free from Bilarzia. This means you can have a quick bath or a swim to cool yourself a bit. If you overcome the temptation of calling it a day at Langano and move on, Shashemene will definately be the place to make a stop. At Shashemene you should definately visit the home of the Rastafarians, their unique culture, way of living and their exeptional museum.

As you are about to go past the city of Shashemene, you will reach an intersection where you have to make a tough decision: a turn to your left would take you to Wondogenet , the Ethiopian paradise known for its natural hotspring and forest covered mountains; by going straight you will reach the city of Awassa where you will enjoy tikur wuha lake and the lake of Awassa.If you like fishing, it is the best place to call it a day and don't forget to sit at the shore at sunset because it is one of the exceptional views you will enjoy.


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