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Back in the 1970s, Ethiopia was in the global spot light and attracted cameras from all the major international media. At the time Ethiopian farmers who have always depended on the generosity of rain to grow their crops were struck by a major drought. A disasterous famine followed. Millions were on the brink of fatal starvation and horrifying scenes started to circulate. Celebrities like Sir Bob Guildof, Michael Jackson, Lionnel Richie... organized unforgettable campains to raise funds for the victims. The big conerts organized by high profile artists of the time and the touching pictures of people starving left unforgettable memories on millions accross the world. Since then the name of Ethiopia became more or less synonymous with draught and hunger.

Several decades have elapsed since those unfortunate days. Yet because of the powerful impressions that the episode left on the global community, the same image remains when Ethiopia is mentionned. For those who were not born at the time or not old enough to remember, little is known about Ethiopia. This is demonstrated by the fact that there are a significant number of searches made on engines every months by people requesting information on basic questions like " Where is Ethiopia?" or "Is Ethiopia in Africa". ( Source= google adword 2012)

Ethiopia is not however the dry country that many assume it to be.The facts are that 7,463 Square kilometers of the country's area is covered by water. There are even some parts of the country like Awash, who are often victims of flooding.Furthermore, Ethiopia is a country with the highest number of lakes in the world.

Abay also known as nile river flowing through Ethiopia

Contrary to the drab images created about Ethiopia, the country is one of the worlds major tourist attracting nations. Ethiopia is one of the very few countries in the world with 9 world heritage sites registered by UNESCO. The country is also the capital of Africa as it is home to the African Union head quarters. The country hosts summits annually attended by leaders from all over the world.

africab union summit hall African union building

The image of a poverty stricken Ethiopia has changed although the efforts made to promote the new Ethiopia is far from satisfactory . Ethiopia has the biggest and safest airline in Africa. Where ever you are in the world, traveling to Ethiopia is made easy through Ethiopian Airlines. Once you get to the country you have a wide choice of hotels in terms of accomodation. From the luxury international hotels like Sheraton, the 5 stars like Radisson Blue and Hilton, all the way to cheap hotels where you can stay in for 6-7 USD a night are at your disposal. A long list of attractions are available to make your visit to Ethiopia worthwhile.


Last but not least, Ethiopia is one of the most secure and peaceful countries in the world where crime and security risks are at their lowest except for a very few areas where precaution is needed.

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