Ethiopia is ,ofcourse one the major tourist destinations in the world. Following the prevailing peace and stability in the country the flow of tourists to Ethiopia is constantly rising. This inevitably entailed a significant rise in the number of tour and travel agencies in Ethiopia. Most agencies are run by Ethiopians although there are few operators established by expatriates.

For a tourist coming to Ethiopia for the first time finding the tour agency that suits his/her needs could be a challenge for any of the following reasons.

- Reliability: it is impossible for someone new to the tourism business in Ethiopia to know which tour operator is reliable.

- Reasonable fees: Tour and travel agencies in Ethiopia have varying charges for the same tour packages. It is difficult to identify which tour agencies are fair and which ones are expensive;

- Competence: some agencies agencies are properly staffed and experienced while others are not. There is little way of knowing this at first contact and sight.


It is difficult for EVG Ethiopia to provide tourists with information regarding price ranges charged by different travel and tour agencies in Ethiopia. This is due to the fact that agencies will provide prices for a specific package by considering the following:

- Number of individuals in the group;

- Whether the customer requests a tour guide or not;

- Mode of the tour requested;

-Type of vehicle to be used;

- Area of tour;

- Status of the agency;

While we can not provide our esteemed visitor with such information on our web we can however provide you with a price range based on your specific needs. You can always send us your queries at with and we will provide you with the neccessary information within 24 hours folloing your request.


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