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Hotels and guest houses are often sought for by tourist in their respective order. However there are other possible options that are rarely considered.

Renting furnished houses

Some people are willing to rent their furnished houses to accommodate tourists. By doing so and by moving to a cheaper house individuals try to maximise their profit.

This informal business adopted by quite a few minorities provides the opportunity for tourists to move into a cheaper accommodation. The advantage of this is not only financial: it gives the tourist the chance to have a feel of the Ethiopian day to day life. This is more the case when you go to rural areas and spend atleast a part of your stay in traditionally made huts, sleeping on traditionally made beds.

This ofcourse has its own disadvantages since it will affect your comfort. Insect bites, coarse beds and lack of access to electricity ... are among the few inconveniences that one should expect. This option ( particularly in rural areas) should only be sought for by the adventurers.


Another version of renting furnished house is moving in with a small local family. The tourist will pay a minimal fee not exceeding 30 USD in cities, or a maximum of 20 USD per day in rural areas. The tourist will be provided with a separate bedroom but shares the living room, wash room ... with the host family. This option has been introduced broadly by EVG's affilliates.

For obvious reasons this option is interesting to those who are keen to learn the culture and the life style of a given community. By being part of an Ethiopian family you will have a trues feel of what its like to be an Ethiopian. With atleast one person who communicates in English in the family, you will be able to learn a lot about Ethiopia, its culture and values. Tourists who resort to spend their stay in such a way are likely to have many memories and useful resources when they return home.



To our knowledge EVG Ethiopia is the only agency with experience in arranging suitable furnished house/ shared house to tourists. Depending on your age, interest and needs we will arrange the house best suited for you. Prior to your arrival, we will send you pictures or videos to make sure that you are satisfied with our arrangements. In the case of moving in with a host family, we will make sure that the host are well informed in advance of your food preferences, allegies or any other particular issues in our house.

This also applies for tourists who want to spend some time in rural areas ( traditional house)

If you have any queries on this particular service or want to book furnished house/ shared house please contact EVG Ethiopia.

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