Hotels in different parts of Ethiopia are different in many ways. In Addis Ababa for example, your choice of hotels is high in terms of price for example: there are rooms charging 6 USD per night while there are suits costing up to 500 USD. In terms of service, you can have a choice of hotels with Wifi internet services, cable TV... In terms of stars, you will be able to book rooms in 5 star hotels or hotels not starred at all.

The choice in terms of accomodation is not that high as you go further from Addis. This page is designed to show you the number of hotels available in different Ethiopian cities frequently visited by tourists. General information about what to expect in terms of accomodation will also be shared as you click the city of your interest.

Prices, packages and quality are not included in our page. Should you need further details or want us to help you in booking the best available hotels in cities of your choice, Please contact us at where we will respond to your querries within a few hours.

Addis Ababa / Adama / Arbaminch/ Asosa / Awash / Awasa / Axum / Bahirdar / Bale / Bioshoftu / Diredawa / Gambela / Gondar / Harar / Lalibela / Langano / Mekele / Shashemene / Woliso / Wolkite / Zeway



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