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There are two known ways of getting guides while you are in Addis:

- The first way is by contacting tour agents. These do have trained tour guides with extensive knowledge of Addis Abeba and the whole of Ethiopia. When you request for a guide in such a way the agency will make the assignment and charge you directly for the service. This is a reliable way of getting yourself a guide since these are certified individuals for whom the agency is accountable for. At the same time, this option is relatively expensive.

- The second way of finding yourself a tour guide is by going to parts of the city who are often visited by tourists. These are mainly areas where tourists go to to buy souvenirs. As soon as you arrive in these areas you will be contacted by a number of non registered guides. Since competition among them is very high, you can get tourist guides for a low price.

The draw backs of contacting tour guides in such a way is that most of them have limited language proficiency. Most importantly however, these are guides which are not legally registered and cannot be accountable should they cheat their clients. While most might be genuine there could be some who would attempt to steal from tourists. Once this happens, it is difficult to get in touch with them as they have no fixed physical address.

Whether you decide to hire an informal guide or a guide from tour agencies, your tour objective should influence your choice. If you are here just to visit historical places or natural wonders these options will do. If however your trip involves some kind of research which requires interpreting and/or translating technical issues, then another option need to be sought for.

Qualified translators/ guides for tourists or travelors on specific professional tasks.

Very few Ethiopians have mastered international languages. The very few therefore have the option of working in different international institutions. Since the tourism sector pays less, very few are affiliated with tour operators. Therefore if you are looking for a professional translator or guide in a specific field, you should make the necessary arrangements prior to your arrival. Please contact us at for us to make arrangements for guides based on your preferences ( language, price...) Our services are free.

Should you need tour guides after arrival, please contact us on our 24 hours active line +251-933-747500.





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