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We are in the process of updating Ethiopian Airlines flight schedules for local and international flights to help you book the right flight to Ethiopia. Our previous post of flight schedules has been removed because the schedules are due to expire in March 2013. Our up coming post will also include local flight schedules to provide tourists with information to plan their trip within the country.
The list below comprises all of the airlines with branch offices in Ethiopia and with weekly flight schedules to the country.
  1. Ethiopian Airlines
  2. British Midland (BMI)
  3. Egypt Air 
  4. Emirates Airlines
  5. Kenya Air Ways
  6. K.L.M Royal Dutch
  7. Turkish Airline
  8. Lufthansa
  9. Saudi Airlines
  10. Yemen Airways
Your top international travel insurance companies

Their are a number of local insurance companies capable to cover your travel insurance. The following are among the top 8 international insurance companies rated by our clients.
  1. Access America
  2. American Express
  3. CSA Travel Protection
  4. MH Ross Travel Insurance Services
  5. Travel Guard
  6. Travel Insured International
  7. Travelex Insurance Services
  8. TravelSafe Insurance
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