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Location/ region name
What you find

Security situation

Amhara region List includes Lalibela, Gondar, Bahirdar, Abay downfall, Tana lake, Monasteries on Tana islands ( if you want information on any of the attractions above click on the one(s) you are interested in to get detail information. Safe

Avoid walking in Empty streets at night

Make sure you are accompanied by experience guides when you travel to the cities in Amhara region as some bandit attacks are reported in specific areas( night traveling)

Oromiya region The list includes lakes in bishoftu, Langano lake and resorts, Shashemene, SAFE BUT SOME PARTS REQUIRE PRECAUTIONS

Oromiya is one of the largest regions in Ethiopia and each part has specific charateristic.

-Bishoftu: no reports on security issues.

- Langano Lake: safe avoid walking alone in the dark and keep near to your resort during night time.

- Shashemene: reports of petty theft were comon in the area especially at night. Shashemene is currently safe but is still commendable not to put on jeweleries( gold necklaces in particular)



Baro river, Gambella national park.


- Our sources have confirmed that there are some rebelion activities in the region. Fatal attacks by rebel forces in the region have taken place both on Ethiopians and expatriates.

- One incidence of Ambushed vehicle has been reported.

- If you are about to go to Gambella make sure you are accompanied by someone who knows the region well.

- Use air transportation to go to Gambella.

- Avoid going too far from the main city.

Southern Nations and nationalities

List includes Arba Minch where you find crocodile breading, Wondegenet hotspring and forest, Awassa lake and city...



- Arba minch has lots of tourist attractions but requires care at night; reports gathered by EVG say that walking at night especially after 9 am is risky.( not only for tourists but for locals too.) Incidents are gradually going down but are still to be careful about. ( Updated August 2012)

- Awassa: safe but remain on the mainstreets at night. Unless you have your own rented car transportation is rare after 9 am. Avoid taking expensive items when you go out.

Wondogenet: sporadic ethnic border conflicts were security concerns but the area is completely safe. Try not to walk away too far from your hotel or resort at night as transportation is rare.

Shiromeda This is an area specializing in textile and souvenir shops. This is where you should go to buy souvenirs that you take back home and see different types of traditional clothes Perfectly safe


- Beware of pick pockets;

- On another note, take an Ethiopian guide when you go to buy souvenirs in order to get them at the right price.


Several lakes, camels and unique life styleof the somali people have been source of attraction.


Military escort are required to visit some parts of Somali region.

Always seek proffessional advise to visit the region


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