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The painting above is a modern one but describes perhaps what many consider as the begining of Ethiopian Hisitory. It dipicts King Solomon of Israel and the queen of Sheba, both personalities of the old testament. The question of whether the Queen of Sheba was Ethiopian or not has been a major point of debate: many historians insist that she is of Yemeni origin; on the other hand Kibre negest, the history book of the Ethiopian orthodox church, inisits that the queen was Ethiopian. The Ethiopian Orthodox church asserts that Queen of Sheba ruled over the country, to later give birth to Menelik 1st, his father being King Solomon of Israel. The church also explains that Menelik brought the Arc of the convenant from Israel to Ethiopia. The succeession of kings and dynasties that have ruled Ethiopia since ancient times have always claimed that they are of Solomonic descent.


Several Historians have written that the assertion that Queen of Sheba was of Ethiopian origin is nothing more than a lore. The same sources explain that the church's cliams are not supported with evidence.

To date there is no hard historical facts with regards to the story of Queen of Sheba and Menelik to take it as concrete historical fact. Yet, there are archeological evidences present in Ethiopia tieing the country with Judaism and Sabean history. These include different artifacts dating more than 500 b.c, remains of temples about the same age, and ancient scriptures of the extinct Sabean language used for only a brief age during the reign of the queen of Sheba.

But whether the Queen of Sheba was part of it or not, it is only fair to say that the fascinating history of Ethiopia dates back to atleast 500 b.c.

We hereby present a brief Ethiopian history devided in 4 parts





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