THE NEW ETHIOPIA( 21st century)


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In the nation's long standing history there are few eras where decades have been recorded where there are no prevalent internal and/or external conflicts.

The last couple of decades in Ethiopia can be described as the most peaceful in the nations thousands years of history. The only incident worh mentionning is the border conflict with Eritrea just after a few years after the latter declared independance. With the failure of resolving the stand off through diplomacy military confrontation was inevitable. The Ertrean army was repelled from Ethiopian territories it forcefully controlled. The two week war paralyzed the Ertrean army.


Addis Ababa roadAddis at night

The country can now be described as one of the most peacful in the whole of Africa. As a result several international conferences and events are being held in the country. In 2011-12 alone, Ethiopia was host of the international world AIDS day, World Economic forum and 2 African Union Summits.

African union summitAfrican Union building

At present the country is one of the nations in the world experiencing a two digit annual GDP growth.



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