"Where is Ethiopia?"


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Where is Ethiopia? As elementary, even irrelevant, as this question might sound to many, our research shows that as many as tens of thousands from accross the globe do actually make searches on major engines to know where Ethiopia is. Suffice it to say that recent data shows that the search term " where is Ethiopia" has been used on a monthly average of 12,459 every month for the last two years (Source Google Adwords 2012). Since our aim is to provide all necessary information on Ethiopia to those who seek it, we have taken the step of allocating a concise page on the subject to those with no prior back ground on Ethiopia and direct them to the specific pages where they would get further information.

Ethiopia is located in Africa and specifically in the east of Africa. Ethiopia used to include parts of what is known as Sudan at present and the portal country of Djibouti. Up until 1992 Eritrea used to be part of Ethiopia until the nation declared its independance through a referendum.

While the information above is based on current history, Ethiopia is one of the very few nations mentionned in ancient history books including the bible. Some scholars insist that the Ethiopia mentionned in the bible does not cover what is currently known as Ethiopia as the borders extend up to what is known as Egypt today.

Ethiopia is one of the very few countries in the world with recorded ancient history and monuments dating thousands of years. While this is the source of attraction for historians from all parts of the world, the oldest homosapian remains aging more than 4 million years are also found in the country. This has entitled Ethiopia the name " cradle of humanity". Sociologists are also fascinated by the country as it is home to more than 86 ethnic groups with different cultures and languages. Hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to Ethiopia every year as the country is rich in terms of natural attractions and historical sites.


Geographic info: 8 00 N 38 00 E

Total area: 1,127,127 Square Kilometers

Land: 1,119,683 square kilometers

Water: 7,444 square kilometers

Highest altitude: Ras dashen 4,533 m

Lowest Altitude:Danakil 125 meters


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