Ethiopian map

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Estimated Population size: 65 million

Capital city: Addis Ababa ( also spelled Addis Abeba)
Major Languages: Amharic( Federal Language), Orominga and Tigrigna are the widely spoken languages in their respective order. Click HERE for a complete listing of Ethiopian languages.
Ethnicity/race: Oromo 35%, Amhara 35% , Tigrean 7%; the remaining percentage is divided among a total of 86 ethnic groups/tribes. Click HERE for a complete listing.
Religions:  Ethiopian Orthodox 50%, Islam 40%, Protestant 7%; Click HERE for details on Ethiopian religions.

Regional divisions:Ethiopia is currently divided in 14 regions; divisions are made based on Ethnicity and language expept Addis Ababa ( region 14).

Neighboring countries: South Sudan, Kenya, Djibouti, Somalia, Eritrea, Federal Republic of Sudan

Altitude: Lowest altitude in Ethiopia is in Dankhil Desert where the Ertale Volcano is located( 125 meters); the highest altitude in Ethiopia is at the peak of Ras Dashen( among the Semen mountains) 4,620 meters.


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