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IMPORTANT NOTE. We do realize that tourists are mainly looking for maps of Ethiopia to use them for reference purposes during their visit. We strongly recommend that tourists do not use our maps or any other map for the purpose of moving alone in Ethiopia. Taking Addis Ababa as an example, streets have been recently named. Up to date maps bear these new names.On the one hand the public is not yet familiar these names. On the other not all streets do have names and/or numbers. It is therefore difficult finding your way back if you end up being lost.

We give away free maps for tourists who use EVG SERVICES upon arrival. Please click on any of the links at the bottom of this page to access maps to view the locations of major Ethiopian attractions.

ethiopia location in africaethiopia map


. Our latest map which comprises all the major tourist destinations will be made available by June 2013.


Map of Ethiopia


List of maps for tourists references


Map: Ethiopian Historical attractions

Map: Ethiopian parks

Map: Ethiopian Lakes

Map: Ethiopian natural attractions


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