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We have all traveled to a variety of destinations and the number of questions that cross our minds are too many to list. Addressing them all in a single website is too huge a challenge but one that can be passed. That is how EVG tourist was created by one individual who worked in the social sector but who ,ultimately, managed to bring abroad a number of experts in the tourism industry.

The overall goal of EVG is to launch different branches (Tourist is the first branch to be launched) which will create income opportunities for those in need. EVG tourist plays a part towards this goal indirectly. Showing the real image of Ethiopia and providing comprehensive information will attract more tourists. The contribution that this will have on the economy will ultimately see the satifaction of our driving interest of seeing more employment opportunities.

While we consider this as our contribution to our country, we also work to generate income through this tourist branch which will support our other social driven initiatives. Our means of income however is not based on extracting extra dollars from tourists. We have designed a unique strategy which poses no extra burden on the tourist but rather provides the traveler with more comfort.

We are an intermediary agency. It took us a lot of energy, time and cost to compile these exclusive and largest website on Ethiopia. It is an open source for anyone to use, making us proud for being of service to the traveler and our country. At the same time we assist tourists to plan their trip for free and make reservations of all sorts on their behalf. Our income policy focuses on receiving commission from service providers. Some of the sectors involved in the tourism industry have a culture of paying commissions to those who bring clients. Examples would be ticket offices who have a fixed percentage of commission as well as the majority of tour and travel agencies. What we do therefore is assist the tourist objectively, make all the necessary arrangements and focus our income on the commission paid by such agencies. This has nothing but positive outcome since the set commissions will not affect prices on the tourist. There is no risk of bias since we are targeting sectors with a long culture of paying commissions for any intermediary agency or even individuals: we objectively help the tourist to access the best service provider within his/her budget range.

This process ensures our source of sustainance and our long term vision of addressing other areas of focus. Our initiative is not profit driven, which is why we use our returned commissions to assist other tourists(those who chose not to use our services) with free information via mobile phones. Furthermore we have designed a package to give back a portion of our earning through free treats: a free tour in Addis or a traditional night out ( or both) for tourists who have used our services. This is our way of showing our gratitude and the pleasure of having their acquaintances.


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- TOURIST PACKAGES: describes the free services that we provide for tourists

- EVG TEAM: describes the major team composition which work relentlessly to make you visit to Ethiopia a pleasant one.



At EVG we depend on your comments and feedbacks to make our web page complete. Please send us your comments or feedbacks at feedback@evgethiopia.com or send us any queries info@evgethiopia.com