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Home to a variety of attractions, Ethiopia is one of the most interesting countries in the world. We have organized our website, the largest website on Ethiopia, with hundreds of exclusive links to provide information about everything that Ethiopia has to offer and what makes the nation a major tourist attraction. Our main information link include:

- ABOUT ETHIOPIA: a general background about the country often described as the cradle of mankind. This section will provide you with enough information about the country including answering the frequently asked questions about Ethiopia.

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-GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION OF ETHIOPIA: provides accurate information about the location of the country and geography of different regions of Ethiopia. As part of our Geography section, our CLIMATE AND WEATHER INFORMATION link provides you with up to the date information of weather information about the country and health risks if any caused by the weather and climate factors.

-HISTORY OF ETHIOPIA: from antiquity dating back to more than 500 b.c all the way to the present. Our history of Ethiopia links provides you with accurate historical information starting from antiquity/ancient Ethiopian history and covering medieval and recent history.

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-ETHIOPIAN CULTURE: with more than 86 recognized ethinic groups in Ethiopia and each having its own culture and tradition preserved for centuries, we highlight the major cultural attractions in Ethiopia. With our culture section being updated on regular basis, our aim is to provide descriptions of all the cultures of the various ethic groups in the country. Included in our Ethiopian culture link are Unique Ethiopian traditions to give you a clear idea about the acceptable and unacceptable norms, Ethiopian traditional foods. Within the cultural context, our Unique Ethiopian language resources provides you with printable versions of basic words and phrases in major Ethhiopian languages.

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- ETHIOPIAN RELIGIONS: despite being one of the first nations to have adopted chrisitianity, Ethiopia is home to several religions including Islam and animist beliefs. Our religion section developed with the involvement of local experts will provide you enough information about the country's religious practices which are completely unique from the rest of the world.



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- TOURIST ATTRACTIONS IN ETHIOPIA: Ethiopia has several attractions registered as world heritage sites by UNESCO. Our tourist destinations in Ethiopia, the largest information than any other Ethiopian site, provides you with a glimpse of several tourist attractions.

- SECURITY INFORMATION IN ETHIOPIA: As part of our information link, we provide our viewers and clients with regular updates on prevailing security information in different parts of the country that could be of interest to tourists.

If the information that you get from these links helps you to make your mind to decide visiting Ethiopia, we have additional links helping you to plan your trip

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- ETHIOPIA VISA INFORMATION: this section will provide you with information with regards to information on how to obtain an Ethiopian visa, applicable charges and the list of all Ethiopian Embassies in the world.

THE ETHIOPIAN AIRPORT: once you have obtained your visa and upon arrival to the country, there are some airport related requirements you need to be aware. You can find exclusive information from our airport link to make the necessary arrangements.


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TRANSPORTATION IN ADDIS: our transportation link will provide you with detail information about different transportation means from the airport, transportation options in Addis Ababa and transportation outside Addis Ababa including charges you should expect.

ETHIOPIAN WORDS AND PHRASES: As a country never to be colonized, the majority of Ethiopians do not speak or speak little international languages. Our Ethiopian words and phrases section will provide you with free printable words and phrases that you can use in every situation while in the country.


HOTELS IN ETHIOPIA: A complete listing of hotels in all major tourist attraction sites.


ADDIS ABABA: while Addis Ababa is the arrival point of any tourist in ethiopia, our comprehensive directory of services and attractions will allow you to visit the city with ease.

TOUR OPERATORS IN ETHIOPIA: A complete list of legally registered tour agencies in Ethiopia; our link also includes other affordable touring options for tourists.


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