Hamer Ethiopia

In some communities love could be enough to marry the person one desires; in other communities consent of parents and their involvment in the selection of marrital partner may not be avoided.

For the Hammer man in Ethiopia however things are not so simple: he has to prove that he is an athlete to ask a woman's hand in marriage.

The young man's athletism is put to the test in a precarious way. As many as 10-15 oxen will be lined up. The young man will then be required to jump on the back of the oxen and run from one end to the other. Falling is not only risky in terms of physical injury: you won't be able to marry until you accomplish this task.

In the case where bull jumping ends up by scaring one of the oxen and ends up by being out of control the consequences might be fatal. Marriage for the Hammer man is not as simple as finding the woman of your dream.



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