Located some 120 kilometers from the city of Gondar, you find the biggest mountain chains in Africa: the Simien mountains of Ethiopia. The Simien is a broad plateau separated by mountain chains which are some 50 kilometers long. The tallest of the mountains, Ras Dashen, reaches 4,620 meters above see levels. The Simien mountains are unique in Ethiopia as they are the high mountain peaks and the only place in the country where you can actually find snow.

semen mountains chains in Ethiopia snow on top of ras Dashen mountain in Ethiopia

Home to the Semen national Park, the Semen mountains are among the few places in Ethiopia where the natural beauty is unmatched. It is also one of the very few destinations in the country which are visited by tourists every day of the year.

The Simien mountains are perfect for trekking and hikking. There are 3 camps within the Simien mountains: Sankaber,Geech and Chenek. While trekking in the Simien mountains these three locations, distanced from one another by kilometers, will be your camping stations. As the longest trekking experience could take up to 20 days, you should ask your tour organizer to come up with an itinerary that fits your time frame.

You can organize your unique trekking experience in the Simien in 2 ways. The first would be contacting tour and travel agencies who will make all the necessary logistics ( tents, cooking equipments, mules to carry your supplies...) starting from booking your flight from Addis to Gondar and arrange vehicles which will take you to your destination. The second way is to go straight to the Simien from Gondar and contact local guides in the area to make similar arrangements. Note that all recognized guides in the area bear identification cards.

In terms of accomodation before you start your trekking experiece are the Simien lodge with high standards and charge up 200 USD for one night. You can also make arrangments to spend your night in the local huts which charge much lesser than that.

Important advises:

- High altitudes sometimes create difficulties on trekkers. Make sure you are well acclimatised prior to attempting ascent to the highest mountain picks. Maintain steady and relax strides while walking as this helps coping with the high altitude.

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