Ethiopia is one of the mountainous countries in the world. Every direction you go you are bound to find mountains. Even as you go to lakes like Langano there are always possibilities to hike. Same applies for other attractions like Wondogenet, often visited for its natural hotspring and forestry is also rich in exceptional mountains. You will go past the tall mountain of Dengego as you travel to Harar and even in Addis Abeba there's the Entoto hill with the highest altitude in the city.

Our description in this section however focuses on two of the mountainous areas visited by tens of thousands of tourists accross the globe. Perfect for those passionate with trekking and hikking, the Bale and Simien mountains are two of the must see locations in the world.

Our tour information on various ethiopian mountains will soon cover Mount Wonchi, Mount Yerer and Mount Ziquala who are undoubtedly of interest to tourists. Until we complete and upload the pages of these exceptional mountains, direct information can be obtained by contacting us at


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