Sof Umar cave in Omo zone Ethiopia

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Among the several natural and cultural attractions in the Bale Zone is the Sof Umar cave. The cave which covers a distance of no less than 14 kilomters is the longest by a distance in Ethiopia.Initially built to have 40 different entrances, at present only 4 can be used to go into the cave. The two active main entrances are 1 kilometer apart, each located in two separate viallages.

Sof Umar cave from the insideSof Umar cave outside walls


Little is known or confirmed about when and how the cave was initially constrcuted. The only thing commonly accepted about the cave's historic is the fact that it is named after a spiritual man, Sof Umar, who is credited for excavating the cave.

Regardless of its historical facts, Sof Umar is a beautiful site to see. In particular the intersection point where one of the famous gates,Ayiew Maco, is a unique spot visited by flocks of tourists from accrross the globe.


Sof Umar


Information on how to visit Yemerehane Kirstos

Modes of transportation: You will have to go to Mekele and take car to reach Yemerehane Kiristos. To go to Mekele you have the choice of going by car( a 2 day trip) or take a plane. Click on flight schedules in Ethiopia to get up to date information about booking a flight to Mekele.

Temperature: average temperature is 25 degree celcius.

What to wear: anything; avoid wearing shoes with hills for better comfort; wearing a hat could be useful.

Guides: A guide who knows the area is recommended

Security risks: none

Hotels: You will have to book a hotel in neighboring towns or cities to visit the church. Click on lists of hotels in Axum or Hotels in Mekele for more information

Nearby attractions: Axum, town of Yeha.




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