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Some have gone as far as saying that Angels helped King Lalibela and his dynasty to build what is now described as one of the eight wonders in the world. They have good reason to think so.

Said to being lead by a vision of from God, King Lalibela of Ethiopia is said to have mobilized his people to build 11 churches which are all connected by sub terranean tunnels. The churches of Lalibela are made by carving mountains of volcanic rocks called Tufa. In a process which took 23 years, removal of more than 150,000 tones of rock was necessarry to complete this breath taking work of engeneering. Among the chain of Lalibela churches, the beautiful church St George in the shape of cross has been magnificently and flawlessly carved out with skills which still remain a mystery.


But it's not only the perfect carving from the outside that leaves a visitor speechless: the internal part of the church was manually excavated in a precision where a single mistake cannot be corrected.



The way that the 11 churches are interconnected through sub terrennean tunnels, the amazingly designed labyriths, the structure of the defensive walls, the sophesticated hydro system put in place by the dynasty and many more are sure to fill your albums with pictures.

Lalibela is one of the major tourist attractions in Ethiopia. The traffic towards Lalibela is so high that there are daily flights to the city.

 List of major churches in Lalibella : Bet Medhane Alem, Bete Giyorgis, Yimrehane Kristos,  Bete Merkorios, Bete Amanuel,Bete Gabriel-Rufael 



Information on how to visit Lalibela

Modes of transportation: it is possible to go by car from Addis Ababa or using local flight via Ethiopian airlines;

Temperature: average temperature is 25 degree celcius.

What to wear: anything; avoid wearing shoes with hills for better comfort; wearing a hat could be useful.

Guides: unless you are using ground transportations you are not be required to take your own guide to visit Lalibella; there are organized guides who can communicate in English.

Security risks: none

Health risks: none

Hotels: available but quality may be low. Click on Hotels in Lalibela for Tourists for a complete list and full description.

Nearby attractions: Fassil of Gondar, Tana kirkos

Entertainement: Azmari bets or traditional night clubs.


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