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Harar is a city which leaves a lasting impression on those who set foot on it. The small city of Hararis devided in 2 parts: the "new" and "the old" Harar. The latter is registered in UNESCO's world heritage list. The old Harar is enclosed by a wall built in the 11th century with only 5 entry gates.

"The buildings and houses in the Jegol gimb as well as the ancient coble stone roads in the city will give you the impression that you are in one of Indiana Jones' movies" as one tourist did put it. The city's administration was abrupt to restrict any maintainance and renovation within the old city of Harrar, as some residents were tarnishing the historic beauty of the city of Harrar in their attempt to alleviate their space needs.



The beauty of Harar does not end with its architecture. The neat and unique way the locals organize their houses, their living room in particular, is something that you do not find elsewhere. The dominant ethnic groups in Harar, locally known as the Aderes or Hararis, are often described as the most beautiful ones in the country.

Harar is very peaceful city and the friendly climate conditions makes it one of the major sources of attraction for tourists. In addition, right upon night fall, you will find hyena's strolling in the main streets of the city. This animal is widely known to be shy and keeps distance from humans. The hyenas in Harar make an exception and give the impression that they are domesticated. There is one particular spot in Harar where you can experience feeding hyenas from your own hands.

Visit the city of Harrar and it won't be hard to understand why Arthur Rimbaud, the famous french poet, decided to make Harrar his home till his death. His home is now a museum and one of Harrar's major source of tourist attraction.

Information on how to visit Harar

Modes of transportation: it is possible to go by car and will take you 10-12 hours to reach Harar as you might want to stop every here and there to take pictures ( beautiful scenary on the way). It is also possible to go by plane to neighboring city of Diredawa and go to Harrar by car in half hour.

Temperature: average temperature is 27 degree celcius.

What to wear: anything; avoid wearing shoes with hills for better comfort; wearing a hat and sunglasses could be useful.

Guides: unless you are using ground transportations you are not be required to take your own guide to visit Harar; there are organized guides who can communicate in English.

Security risks: none. You can even walk around the city even in late hours of the night.

Health risks in Harar: none

Nearby attractions: City of Diredawa

Entertainement: local night clubs.

Best time to visit: any time of the year;

Hotels: Ras Hotel is the biggest in Harar. For a complete listing click on list of hotels in Harar for tourists.


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