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 Axum, also known as Aksum, is the name of one of the first civilization in human history. The Axumite dynasty is credited for, among other things, for being the first dynasty to accept christianity in Ethiopia. It is also acknowldged to be the first dynasty to have its own written language in the country: Geez. Geez is a language still in use by the Ethiopian orthodox church and has developed its own alphabeth which is currently in use by many Ethiopian Languages.

Two things make the city of Axum the center of tourist attraction. The first is the Axumite church of saint Mary Tsion . It is strongly believed that this church is home to the ark of the convenant. It still remains a mystery however since Axum Tsion church is guarded by a single monk with no exposure to the outside world( replaced by another only after his death )and no one else is allowed to go in,not even the Pope). Because no one has been allowed in there is no way to confirm whether the ark is actually there or not.

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Images: This is the church said to being home and the final resting place of the ark of the convenant

What attracts tourists the most however are the obelisks of Axum. The source of awe is not just the engineering skills employed to build these obelisks, the tallest being 25 meters long. Researches have shown that the stones that the obeliks were made from are not from the area. They have most probably been carried from long distances all the way to the city of Axum. How this could be achieved more than a millinium ago remains a mystery. Equally amazing is how these monuments were erected with no available mechanization at the time.




Information on how to visit Axum

Modes of transportation: it is possible to go by car, long distance buses from Addis Abeba and using Ethiopian airlines;

Temperature: average temperature is 27 degree celcius.

What to wear: anything; avoid wearing shoes with hills for better comfort; wearing a hat and sunglasses could be useful.

Guides: unless you are using ground transportations you are not be required to take your own guide to visit Lalibella; there are organized guides who can communicate in English.

Security risks: none

Health risks: none

Nearby attractions: Lalibela, Yeha town, Fassil Castle

Entertainement: Azmari bets or traditional night clubs.

Best time to visit: Epiphany in November;

Hotels: available but quality may be low. Click on Hotels in Axum for Tourists for a complete list and full description

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