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The capital of Ethiopia during the country's medieval history, the city of Gondar is home to an impressive castle which has attracted thousands of tourists over the years. Fassil Genb or Ginbe is one of the first African castles said to have been built in the 16th century. Regitered as World heritage sites by UNESCO, Fassil Gemb is an interesting site to visit, particularly to those who are passionate about Engineering and architecture.

This Gindarian Castle was built by the once powerful Ethiopian king Fassiladas in the 16th century. Fasil gemb is reputed to be the only African castle.


Time and war had their toll on the castle as part of it has been detroyed. Nonetheless what remains of the castle is still a major source of attraction. The swimming pool in the castle which is filled with water during Epiphany once a year hosts one of the most attractive scenes during the holliday.

A tour of the Fassil Castle, which covers a wide area, provides a glimpse of how ancient royalties used to live.


Gondar's historical attraction is not limited to Fasil Gebi. There are several nearby ancient churches, the most prominent being Sellassie ( trinity church). This Gondarian church hosts a bee hive, made by bees who chose the church as their home. Amazingly the bees do not attack worshipers who visit the church regularly, nor do they sting the monks and priests who take out the honey with no protection.

The honey made in the Sellasie church of Gondar is reputed to cure a wide number of illnesses. Followers of the Ethiopian orthodox church flock to Gondar to visit this unique church.

Gondar is also known for its warm celebration of Epiphany. The old swimming pool in the legendary Gondarian palace of Fasil will be filled with water during this annual occasion where thousands jump in the pool to commemorate Jesus's baptism.


Information for visitors

Modes of transportation: it is possible to go by car from Addis Ababa and using Ethiopian airlines local flights;

Temperature: average temperature is 25 degree celcius.

What to wear: anything; avoid wearing shoes with hills for better comfort; wearing a hat could be useful.

Guides: unless you are using ground transportations you are not be required to take your own guide to visit Lalibella; there are organized guides who can communicate in English.

Security risks: none

Health risks: none

Hotels: available but quality may be low. Click on list of Hotels in Gondar for Tourists for a complete list and full description.

Nearby attractions: Bahir dar, tana lake, tana kirkos

Entertainement: Azmari bets or traditional night clubs.


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