It is surprising that it took as late as 1966 to establish a park in the Simien mountains, as the area is rich in terms of wildlife and natural wonders. In the 1970s, Simien National park has been described as one of the natural parks worth visiting not only in Ethiopia but in the world.

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The Simien national park lies in an area of 232 square kilometers with so much to see and admire. This Ethiopian park is paradise for those who are passionate with birds, as it is one of the few park where one can find an astounding 180 different kind of bird species endemic to Ethiopia. The Simien mountains will also give you the chance to view different animals from close range as it is home of 57 different mamals.


zebras in the semen park

The endemic animals that you find in the park include the Chilada baboon, which has a unique social structure. Guides that you find in the park will explain to you about the social structure of this unique creature's social structure as you will get the chance to take pictures from close range.


Within this  spectacular splendor live the Walia (Abyssinian) ibex, Simien red fox and Gelada baboon ,Menelik's bushbuck, the Hamadryas baboon,  and klipspringer.

The Simien National park is also one of the best locations for trekking and a paradise for those who are passionate with hikking. One can enjoy a unique climb to the 4th tallest mountain in Africa: Ras Dejen.

Visiting Simien park 

How to get there: The most recommendable route is going to Gondar and drive to the Simien from there. Before you get to the park you have to make a stop at the nearby town of Debark to get permits to visit the park.

Accomodation options: There are 3 options. The first is a beautiful lodge ( the Simien lodge) with a room charge up to 200 USD. You also have the choice of booking the community lodges at camping sites ( much cheaper but not so cozy as you might have to share rooms with other trvelers). You can also camp, particularly the best options if you plan to trek.

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