Only a couple of hundreds kilomters away from the capital city of Addis Abeba, Lake Zeway is one of the biggest lakes in Ethiopia. Despite not being visited by tourists when compared to other lakes, Lake Zeway has much to offer. It is perhaps one of the major locations in Ethiopia where you find an abundant number of bird species. Hypos are also abundant in lake Zeway and the view you will enjoy from the shore is nothing less than Magnificent.The lake is so rich with fish resources that the city of Zeway is known for its fishing industry and market.

But the attraction of that lake Zeway has to offer is not just natural. The lake has incredible historical and cultural attractions. Lake Zeway is home to 5 islands with each having interesting things to see. Among these islands is Tulu Gudo. Tulo Gudo is reputed to have been the refuge of fleeing monks and members of the Axumite Dynasty during the days of Yodit Gudit. Story has it that even the arc of the convenant found sanctuary in this island for centuries until it ultimately returned to Axum. This story is supported by the fact that the island is home to several ancient manuscripts.

Culture wise the islands on Lake Zeway are home to the Zay's, one of the unique nations and nationalities of Ethiopia. It is belived that the Zay's are decendants of the Axumite exiles, who managed to avoid the massacre of Yodit thanks to the hard to reach islands. Having been isoloted from the external world for centuries, the Zays speak a language which resembles Tigrigna( language spoken in Tigray and Axum) but distinct from any language. Their ways of living is also different.

The Ethiopian language institute claims that the Zay language is reaching the level of extinction. With the Zays exposed to the outside world and speaking other local languages to communicate only their tribal identity remains. It would be a good opportunity for tourists to visit this unique community.



Visiting lake Zeway


Transportation:Zeway is three hours drive away from Addis Abeba. You can use public transportation or rented cars to go to Zeway

Accomodation: There are several medium hotels in Zeway. Click on list of hotels in Zeway for tourists for more information. If you are not satisfied with the available quality of hotels you can always resort to spending your night at Langano resorts which is one and half hour away from Zeway. Click on list of hotels and resorts in Langano for more information.

Visiting lake Zeway

Transportation: Lake Zeway is only a few hours away from Addis. You can use public transportation or rented car to visit both the city and the lake. There are local boats that you can use to visit the islands.

Accomodation: There are a number of hotels in the city. Click on hotels in Zeway for more information. You also have the option of spending the night at Langano if you are looking for something more fancy. Visit hotels and resorts in Langano to explore this option.

Health risks: There is Malaria risk. Always good to take precautions

Security risks: Minimal; it is however advisable to walk in groups at night and avoiding wearing expensive jewleries.



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