Kuriftu resort at Bishoftu

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Ethiopia is home to more than15 lakes. Six of these are located In the small city of Bishoftu ( formerly known as Debrezeit).

The lakes in Bishoftu are not well suited for swimming. Through time the level of the lakes is showing decline as rocks previously covered with water are becoming more and more emergent. Some experts say that since the lakes are not fed by any other source of water the inevitable evaporation will eventually dry them out. According to the same sources some lakes may not survive for more than half a century ( as is the case with an extinct lake which used to provide water supply to the city of Harar). It is therefore advisable for any tourist flying to Ethiopia to visit these beautiful lakes which face the likelihood of extinction in less than a century.

Two of the lakes of bishoftu, namely Babogaya and Kuriftu are famous tourist destinations. Several luxury resorts have been built around these lakes, providing a unique views and exptional serenity.

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Babogaya lake in particular is known for its depth. Several of the locals who ventured swimming have drowned with their body never to be found. These incidents have been interpreted by some of the locals that there is some form of "spirit" in the lake. Eventually this has eveolved into some form of belief with growing number of followers. Worshipers go to the lake occasionally with offerings that are thrown into the lake after prayers.

Visiting Bishoftu

Transportation: Bishoftu is less than 50 kilometers from Addis Abeba; You can use any form of transportation ( Public or rental cars to

Accomodation:There are a number of hotels and resorts in the vibrant city of Bishoftu. Click on Hotels in Bishoftu for more information. There is always the option of spending the whole day in Bishoftu and return to Addis to spend the night.

Health risks: There is a minimal risk of Malaria. Always good to take precautions

Security risks: Minimal; it is however advisable to walk in groups at night and avoiding wearing expensive jewleries.

Other Ethiopian Lakes:






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