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 Located some 300 kilometers from the capital Addis Abeba, the city of Awasa attracts tourists mainly because of its beautiful lake. Awasa is better developed in terms of accomodation and infrastructure because of its tourist attracting lake.

Lake Awasa is one of the best lakes to fish, cruise on small rafts,enjoy the view of beautiful bird species and different kinds of ducks. Perhaps the only limitation is that the lake is not recommended for swimming, even though you might see some of the local kids having a bath in lake. Except lake Langano most of the Ethiopian lakes are said to be prone to Bilarzia.

The small park known as Amora Gedel, established on one side of the shores of the lake is a big fish market. At Amora Gedel you can have a memorable picnic with monkeys jumping behind your back.




Several luxury hotels and resorts have been built around the lake. Among these is the 5 star hotel built by the famous Ethiopian Athlete Haile Guebresellassie. You might get the chance to meet him in person and have your autograph signed if you lucky. At the same time there are a number of medium and low class hotels in Awasa to accomodate visitors. So regardless of your budget it is possible to find a hotel that suits your needs.

Awasa is also lively at night with a number of traditional and modern night clubs. Perhaps the only draw back is that there is transportation shortage at night. Rest assured however that a walk back to your hotel after a few cold ones is a refreshing one as the cool air of the Awasa is enjoyable.



Visiting Lake Awassa

Transportation: Awasa is 4 hours drive away from Addis; you have the option of using public transportation or used rented cars to travel to Awasa.

Accomodation:There is a wide range of choice in terms of accomodation while you are in Awasa. Click on hotels in Awassa for more information.

Health risks: There is risk of Malaria in Awasa. Staying late by the lake after Sunset or spending too much time outdoors after night fall also entails Mosquitoe bites. Make Sure you take Malaria precautions when you travel to Awasa.

Security risks: Minimal; it is however advisable to walk in groups at night and avoiding wearing expensive jewleries.

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