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Airport pick up/shuttles

Unless you have prearranged airport pick up services, you will only be able to access two kinds of taxi services within the premises of the airport.

  • Taxi cabs: these are mostly taxis with a capacity to carry 4 passengers ( THEY ARE ALL PAINTED IN YELLOW. ) In addition to these you might find cabs painted in blue with a similar size. The models of the cars could vary.

(Precaution: please take note of the following IMPORTANT notes)

  • The taxi cabs described above are the ONLY kinds in Addis Abeba. Unless you have a prearranged pick up service which could provide you with a wide range of vehicles, do not accept services from any other type of car as they are not legally registered taxi cabs.
  • While the yellow taxi cabs tend to charge more than the blue ones, EVG Ethiopia advises you to take the yellow cabs. These cabs are registered by the airport authority and therefore, in the case where you might forget valuable items in the cab when you get to your hotel, you could contact the airport parking services which will get you the driver. It may not be so easy with the blue taxi Cabs as these are not regulars working in the airport
  • “Mini buses”

These are vans painted in blue with a passenger capacity of 12. Sometimes you might find them in different colors. The way to identify vans which are legally registered for taxi services is to check if their license plate numbers starts with 1 or 3. These numbers are circled.

We recommend that you use mini buses in the case where you are carrying big luggages that do not fit in the smaller cabs or if you travel in groups of 5 or more.

Mini buses are not regulars in the airport. Make sure that you take all your luggage with you once you get to your hotel as it will be hard to find them afterwards.


Arranging transportation through hotels

Many 5 and 4 star hotels do have desks in the airport terminal. Once you get off board, you can ask customer services to show you where these desks are. Once you have selected the hotel of your preference the hotels normally will arrange transportation for you.

What are the cab fares to be expected?
Unfortunately we cannot provide our tourists with detailed information on this point. Normally cabs in Ethiopia charge per hour or distance: you will be charged based on the driver’s estimate or what he considers to be fair. Although the airport is near to the center of the city, Addis covers a large area and the hotel you might be staying at could be in any corner. It is therefore difficult to advise you on how much you should be charged.

As for the hotels who provide transportation, they all have fixed prices so there is nothing to worry about

Tips: here are a couple of important tips that we will hopefully be of value:

  • Do not get into a cab without first discussing the fares; this will put the cab driver in a position where he will charge you what he likes and in most cases over charging takes place.
  • Do not jump in the first cab that you have come across to; try to talk to atleast 2 cab drivers and pick the one with lesser charge.
  • Always try to bargain. If the cab driver asks you to pay 50 USD for example tell him you won’t pay more than 30. If he refuses agree to pay him 40 as he will surely agree to that.
  • Language is always a barrier. In many instances confusions on numbers take place. Example: many drivers with elementary English tend to confuse and pronounce 15 and 50 in the same way. Our learn basic Ethiopian words section could come in handy.


 Arranged airport pick ups through EVG

While providing free information and advise to tourists who do not want pre arranged airport pick ups, at EVG we can handle this for you for no extra cost, with more options and additional services.

What we provide includes the following:

  • Less charges: as opposed to most cab services who use old Mercedes and Russian cars, at EVG Ethiopia we are affiliated with transport agents who use fuel efficient vehicles. This enables us to charge less than other modes of transportation. As our customers will discover by themselves upon arrival, we charge 20% or less than any other transportation provider;
  • No language barriers: whether you are yet to reserve accommodation or need something else right after your arrival, the drivers we assign are experienced and with indepth knowledge of all corners of the city. This is supplemented with proficient language communication skills. In addition to English, we can assign drivers who speak basic German, Italian and French.
  • Wide varieties of vehicles: some tourists might want to be picked up by special cars like Mercedes, Limousines or other specific kind of cars. We are affiliated with partners who can provide with any of these cars.
  • Punctuality: as soon as you arrive at the airport you will be welcomed by our driver waiting for you with your name on a board. In our 12 years of experience in the field, there was no instance where we arrived late to pick our clients. Our drivers are expected to arrive at the airport 45 minutes prior to your arrival. In the case where this is not fulfilled our standby car will be dispatched as replacement. Tourists can be certain that they will not face any inconveniences.


Once you have settled in Addis Abeba, there are different kinds of transportations that you can use based on your needs and preferences.

  • Taxi cabs;
  • Mini buses/ Mini vans;
  • Rental cars

Note: although you might have an international driving license, most car rentals are reluctant to give a car to tourists for self drive. This is because driving in Ethiopia is hazardous for someone who is not familiar with the city. In the case where some car rentals provide you with a car that you can drive yourself, we strongly recommend that you don’t. Many drivers in Ethiopia do not respect international road codes.

Using taxi cabs

While you are in Addis you can use taxi cabs to move around, visit museums and go shopping. The taxi cabs that you find in the city and should negotiate are exclusively blue in color with license plate code 1. 
If you opt to use cabs during your stay in the city you can negotiate with the taxi on the basis of trip ( if you just want to go somewhere and spend much of the day) or on daily basis ( from morning till the evening in the case you want to visit several places)
It is difficult for us to advise tourists on how much they should pay for specific trips since it depends on where they are staying and where they are planning to go. In general terms however:

  • No single trip should cost more than 400 birr( maximum cealing)
  • No daily agreement should exceed 600 ETB


 Special support from EVG

If as a tourist you don’t want to use EVG Ethiopia’s transportation services but still want our advise on how much you should pay a cab for a specific trip text message us on 251 933 747500 . We will immediately provide you an estimate price on how much you should pay.

Using mini buses

Minibuses are local transportation means used by a majority of Ethiopians. These are vans carrying 12 passengers and traveling on specific routes. The mini buse’s charges are fixed by the government and are the cheapest modes of transportation( Please note that the cheapest transportation modes are public buses. These are not part of our transportation information page since they are not to be opted by tourists: they are normally excessively packed, few in number, irregular in their trip time and targets of most pick pockets)

For the longest distance covered by a mini buss a passenger will be charged less than 0.50 USD. While mini buses are economical in terms of money they are not so in terms of time. You have to wait until all 12 seats are occupied.
There are also other facts that you should consider before resorting to use mini buses during your stay in Addis:

  • During rush hour mini buses are few and stations are filled with people pushing each other to find sits. As a tourist you will be a primary prey of pick pockets.
  • Mini buses post their route on top and announce the route they are taking. Unless you have indepth knowledge of the routes and neighborhood names, the likelihood of getting into the wrong van and getting lost is a possibility. Do not attempt to use minibuses unless you are accompanied by an Ethiopian or an expatriate who knows the city well.

 Using car rental services

Many tourists opt to use rental cars with a driver during their stay in the city. There are quite a number of car rental services in the city, some who have as few as 3 cars available for rent while others own as many as hundreds.
The existing car rental arrangement in the city is that you rent the car with a designated driver on 24 hour basis. The longer your rental agreement the lesser the daily rates. You will be in charge of buying the fuel.This applies to all car rental services. 
This arrangement is advantageous in terms of saving money and comfort when you compare it to using taxi cabs. For example by paying a car rent of 400 ETB per day and using gas valued 200 ETB  you ll save 200 ETB per day instead of an 800 ETB charge by a taxi cab.
The problem however is that one has to know the cheapest car rentals ( what one agency rents for 700 ETB per day can be found for 400 at another service provider. In addition it is also essential to know which cars are fuel efficient ( The cars and models widely available in Ethiopia are not known to most tourists.
EVG Ethiopia’s car rental preferences
Whether you want to use taxi cabs( to spare yourself from the responsibility of filling gas) or want to use rented vehicles for better comfort and cost saving, we will make the necessary arrangements for you based on your preference.
Our consideration while making the necessary arrangements for you does not solely focus on price. We also put serious consideration in:

  • Selecting the cars in best condition;
  • Selecting cars with multi lingual drivers ( please note that there are only few drivers in Ethiopia who speak English and we have their list in our database)
  • Preparing a standby car in the case of any problems to ensure that your trip is not spoiled by an external factor;

Don’t want to use EVG Ethiopia’s car rental services?
We do understand if you want to use other options but we still can be of service to you. Here is the list of free services that we can offer to anyone who needs our services.
Here are some of the most likely questions you might be faced with:

  • What kind of car should I rent?
  • How much should I pay the cab I picked?
  • Should I pay this much?
  • What is the rental price of this specific car?
  • Can you explain or tell something to my driver?

Whether you have these or any other questions we provide free tips to tourists to avoid over spending on their part or being exploited. Here is how you can get free advise and support.
Send us your queries in text message to 251933 747500  ( Note: this line is for text messages only)
Or email us your query




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