Top Ethiopian hotels
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Special note: Addis Abeba has a large number of Hotels and guest houses. Budget Wise you have a wide range of choices starting from 8 to 500 USD. Standard wise you can choose to book unstarred hotel rooms or luxury suites. You can chose to book hotels with Wifi internet connections, swimming pools, airport shuttles... or cheaper hotels with no such luxuries at all.

While we are working to build the profiles of existing hotels, we hereby provide you with our short list of hotels in the city. As an objective agency helping tourists to book the best hotels within their budget and our policy of not promoting specific hotels, we do not post ratings in our websites. However we can provide free recommendations to tourists if contacted at info@evgethiopia. In addition EVG books hotels on behalf of interested customers free of charge with no payments, cancellation fees or credit card information. ( Please refer to our evg tourist support center for more information)

Until we complete building the profile of every hotel, details of a specific hotel in terms and services can be accessed via the same address.

With regards to hotel charges our experience shows that rates are subject to regular changes in such a way that any record that you find on the internet cannot be absolutely accurate. Again we recommend that you contact us for accurate and up to date rates.

You might also be interested in considering additional accomodation options outside hotels. Click on other accomodation options for our exclusive package.

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Addis Regency Hotel ( under revision)
Adot-Tina Hotel ( under revision)
Bole Ambassador Hotel Apartment ( under revision)
KZ Hotel ( under revision)
Taitu Hotel ( under revision)
Churchill Hotel ( under revision)
Hotel de Leopol International ( under revision)
Dessalegn Hotel ( under revision)
Global Hotel ( under revision)
Atlas International Hotel ( under revision)
Ras Hotel ( under revision)
Ras Amba Hotel ( under revision)
Ceasar's Hotel ( under revision)
Addis View Hotel ( under revision)
National Hotel ( under revision)
Queen of Sheba Hotel ( under revision)
Dagim Millenium Hotel ( under revision)
Amanaya Guest House ( under revision)
Hawi Hotel ( under revision)
Finfine Restaurant And Hotel ( under revision)
MN International ( under revision)
Faro Furnished Hotel ( under revision)
Imperial Hotel ( under revision)

Ararat HotelBeshale Hotel ( under revision)
Daliz Guest House $40 - $70*
Damu Hotel  $66 - $116*
Dimitri Hotel $94 - $130*
Dreamliner Hotel $134 - $169*
Edna Addis Hotel  $101 - $149*
Ghion Hotel  $60-100
Harmony Hotel $140 - $160
Hotel Soramba  $100 - $140 
Destiny Addis Hotel $110 - $140
Jupiter International Hotel $150 - $200
Hilton Addis Ababa $190 - $300 
Hotel Intercontinental $170 - $400 
Siyonat Hotel $200 - $270 
Radisson Blu Hotel, Addis Ababa $220 - $300 
Sheraton Addis   ( under revision)
Kaleb Hotel $150 - $180
Pacific Hotel $60- $100
Panorama Hotel $90 - $130
Riviera International Hotel $110 - $150
Semien Hotel $60 - $140
The Lion's Den Hotel $65 - $100
Top Ten Hotel $70 - $150
Wassamar Hotel $75-$100
Weygoss Guest House $45-$75





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